The Poppy Project

Poppy is an open source platform for the creation, use and sharing of interactive 3D printed robots. It is a set of several robots where both the hardware and software are open source, where the body parts can be 3D printed. Therefore it is easy to build, cheaper than most robots, and most of all, it is modifiable and adaptable to each use case.

In this story, I will briefly illustrate example projects where Poppy is used, list the different robots in the project and also the creation and development of the poppy project.

Example projects

Since its creation in 2013 [1]…

This tutorial walks you through the steps to install MySQL 8.0.24 on macOS 11 Big Sur with the Apple chip M1.

MySQL doesn’t come pre-loaded with macOS Big Sur and needs to be dowloaded from the MySQL site.

The latest version of MySQL 8.0.24 does work with macOS 11 Big Sur.

Use the DMG Archive mysql-8.0.24-macos11-x86_64.dmg.

The package is located inside a disk image (.dmg) file that you first need to mount by double-clicking its icon in the Finder. It should then mount the image and display its contents.

Warning if you are re-installing or updating : before starting the…


  • Install MySQL
  • Check that the 2002 MySQL Socket error is fixed : check that /var/mysql/mysql.sock links to /tmp/mysql.sock. Otherwise, type the terminal commands :
sudo mkdir /var/mysql
sudo ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /var/mysql/mysql.sock
  • Start MySQL with the option “Use Legacy Password Encryption”: go to System Preferences > MySQL > Instances. Click on Initalize Database and select “Use Legacy Password Encryption”. Choose also a password.

Poppy humanoid robot is a humanoid robot that can be used with its hardware platform or with the V-rep simulator. It can be programmed with python, using the pypot library, or it can also have a web interface with snap.

The humanoid Poppy robot is part of a family of robots called Poppy, that work under the same principle and installations, but differ by the configuration of the composing motors.

I had all my iTunes library with all the ratings and playlists in my former mac. Now with the new macbook air with macOS 11 Big Sur, I discovered there is no longer iTunes but Instead of the known library files

iTunes Library Extras.itdb
iTunes Library Genius.itdb
iTunes Library.itl
iTunes Music Library.xml

There was instead a file named Music Library.musiclibrary.

Does that mean that my former library was lost ? I managed to recover it by:

  • opening while holding the option key down. I was prompted to choose betweeen starting a new library (Create Library) and importing a…

BibDesk is the software I use to manage my bibliography, my list of all scientific publications. It is a software available for macOS and it is also bundled with TexShop, the software to write latex. My BibDesk current version is 1.8.2.

BibDesk is very good for personalising to your needs. For instance you can tell it to create citekeys of your publications and to export your citations according to your preferred format using templates. No worries in toying with these preferences, you can always restore the default preferences.

Automatic Citekey with BibDesk

Citekeys are unique ids for each bibliography entry (article). …

MacOS have a fun command-line program called “say”: you type “say” and enter some text and it reads to you. It also has a text-to-speech functionality : you highlight any text and it reads to you.

This is a quick tutorial how to use the text-to-speech in macOS : to read any text in any program, to use the terminal with the say command to speak to you, and the different parameters to change the voices, languages and parameters (pitch, speed …). …

To setup my thunderbird 78.0b4, I installed these useful add-ons :

  • Thunderbird Conversations : it will help display your emails by conversations instead of each e-mail separately.

Previously on thunderbird 68.10, I found these as useful add-ons :

  • Attach from clipboard
  • Lightning
  • Provider for Google Calendar
  • Signature Switch
  • Thunderbird Conversations

I discovered that by default, Thunderbird needs to download your emails and sync at every startup, and more precisely every time you click on each folder it will sync that folder.

To access and read the emails offline :

  1. Right-click the name of your account on the left panel, then…

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